I just wanted to say thank you for the delicious cupcakes and brownies you sent last week. I was the girl who called visiting California with friends in the Orange County area...and we needed the cupcakes that day of order!! You were so great and drove an hour away to deliver them.

I am the pickiest eater when it comes to healthy foods, and your cupcakes were DELICIOUS, FRESH, MOUTH WATERY, and HEALTHY!!! I can't express how much I appreciate all the work you do to make your
customers pleased with great nutrition. I hope to one day do something great like you. Never stop your business. It's amazing!

Carmen M. Sanford, FL

I received my order yesterday and want to thank you for another set of wonderful desserts. I do not know if you keep a comment page or emails raving about your business, but I would like to express to you that I have been very pleased with my service in ordering your products on-line. You are efficient and very responsive to emails inquiring about your business,even if it is just a simple question. I want to thank you for creating desserts that are health-conscious, eliminating the harmful and addicting effects of refined sugar and other conventional ingredients that you normally find in about every product in the supermarket or bakery.

Thank you again, for your efficiency and wonderful healthy desserts, you now have a loyal customer all the way down in North Carolina.

Adrienne G. Mocksville, NC

Just wanted to let you know how delicious the cake you made for Jenna was! Absolutely amazing!

Jacqui S. Brentwood, CA

That has got to be the best service I have ever received, anywhere.

Customer service was excellent while placing the order, and it was delivered within 2 hrs of the order being placed. That was amazing. Jeff said it was all delicious too!

He called me at 1PM telling me and I was caught so off guard, I figured it would at least take more than two hours!

Thank you again, I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know!

Laurel C. Glendale, CA

The cake was a BIG hit last night! Tara couldn't believe that it was gluten free! I really appreciate the last minute service. Your timing could not have been better on the delivery. We had just finished eating dinner, when I said to Tara, " Oh my God, I forgot to get you a cake!" You rang the doorbell not more than 3 minutes later!

Marty K. Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to let you know my sister, Eve in Mass. received the cupcakes and just loved them! Her kids loved them too! I have sent her the information about your cupcakes and web site. She had no idea they were organic and made with your healthy ingredients which she loved.

Thank you so much for your personal touch of helping me directly with all this. You have no idea how refreshing it is to have that personal customer service, as it does not exist anymore in today's world. It is a rare find and will make me continue to come back.

Cathy D. Lakeland, FL

We just had the cupcakes for my daughter's birthday - they were great! Everything was delicious. Thanks so much for providing good food that is made from healthy ingredients. We are already figuring out the next occasion so we can order more. I look forward to ordering again. Thanks.

Eve S. Los Angeles, CA