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My Pal Gwyneth Paltrow

April 16, 2013


One day seven years ago, I received a call from a young woman for a cupcake order on Easter Sunday. There was nothing unusual or extraordinary about the order. The delivery address was a nice area in Brentwood. What area isn’t nice in Brentwood?

In those days I did the deliveries myself. I drove up to the house, it had a gate, but nothing circular to mention and rang the bell. I was buzzed in. When I walked up to the front door I looked through the glass window and saw a woman doing the downward facing dog position on her yoga mat. I knocked. The woman immediately upward faced her dog and answered the door. Lo and behold as the door opened I saw that the yogi practitioner was none other than Gwyneth Paltrow in a black unitard. Stunning.

I’m not one to be starstruck, but the only words I could find as I handed the Academy Award winning actress her box of Vivid Vanilla cupcakes was “Hold it from the bottom.” Brilliant, Deb. And by the way, Miss G takes direction very well.

Fast forward seven years and “It’s All Good” hits the bookshelves. Gwyneth makes an appearance at Williams Sonoma for a book-signing and I wait on line for 2 hours for a second chance to say something more meaningful to my long-time customer. I finally get my chance, I entrust my i phone to a William-Sonoma employee to grab some pics of this epic moment, and I hand my cookbook to Gwyneth and tell her who I am. Her face lights up and she says “I LOVE your cupcakes!” Again, I was so struck by her recognition of me and her sincerity, and the unsolicited endorsement, that all I could muster was “Thank you.” I turned around, took my iphone and left.

So here is my “epic moment” pic. Thank you William-Sonoma paparazzi.