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The Supernanny Makes Our Day

October 24, 2012


We got up early this past Sunday to go to the Long Beach Pier because we were walking for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) to raise money for research, but were worried we wouldn’t get a parking spot due to the Long Beach Boat Show. Like the neurotic Jews we are, we think about food and parking at all times. We got there in plenty of time to get a spot but the meters wouldn’t accept our VISA or platinum Mastercards. So with the only cash we had, we fed the machine our last $6 and hoped the 2 hours it bought us would be enough time to schlepp the 2 miles for the FAAN walk, taste the allergy-free fare at the various tables and have our son launch himself down the inflatable oversized slide and up a 25-foot, vertigo-inducing climbing wall.

The best portion of the day was meeting the gregarious, lovely and child-wrangling Supernanny, Jo Frost. She held my son for a few odd minutes, as seen above, in which I was hoping her disciplining skills would work wonders on him through osmosis. I really don’t believe in miracles but when you’re desperate you can’t help but hope. It didn’t work, but it was such fun meeting her and hearing her inspiring story of surviving her whole life with severe nut, animal and environmental allergies.

All in all it was a great event, since we helped FAAN in their fundraising goals, we ate some tasty allergen-free cookies and energy bars, met our disciplinarian superhero and witnessed our fearless flyer 4-year-old repel and propel himself up and down colorful edifices without a hint of nausea. The best part was we didn’t get a parking ticket even though we went a few minutes past the 2 hour time limit. Maybe that was the real miracle of the day.